small victory
Small Victory

Small Victory is one of my favourite spots to grab a coffee, lunch or a beautiful baked good. From the moment you walk in the door, you’re surrounded by amazing aromas. It really doesn’tmatter what you order, everything is made with careful attention to detail. And I love to bring a friend to Small Victory just to see the pure delight in their eyes when they taste the delectable French pastries. From a perfect latte to the sweet and flaky butter croissants, I havent found anything quite like it in Yaletown. I hope youll stop in, and then let me know if its your new favourite too.

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kissa tanto
Kissa Tanto

I've yet to experience it myself, however I am hearing fabulous reviews about Kissa Tanto. Im anticipating that it will be a real gem, considering it is the Japanese-inspired sister restaurant to the Bao Bei Chinese Bistro one of my all-time favourites in the city. Im excited to try it. Let me know if you have been, Id love to get the insider scoop on the best dishes. With descriptions like tomato wakame granita and miso besciamella, I am looking at their online menu and having a hard time imagining paring my order down to a few dishes. Perhaps, it will demand a few visitsyou know, to get the full experience.

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